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Frequently Asked Questions
  Do you have questions regarding...

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... the playing of clips?

Or is your problem not listed here?

PROBLEM: How is the secure login page functioning? Do I always have to use it?

ANSWER: Please go here to read more about it.

PROBLEM: I have been blocked/restricted from access? Why and what can I do now?

ANSWER: Your IP has been restricted? Please always be sure that cookies are enabled in your browser! Wait 24 hours and try again. Please don't try to login before the 24 hours are over or the counter will begin again. Or mail the webmaster and I will check the log files to help you. Go here to read more about the login page and how to use it.

PROBLEM: How can I cancel my recurring Membership?

ANSWER: Just click on one of these links (depending on the processor you used to signup):

2000charge / Click&Buy (Firstgate)

PROBLEM: I subscribed using Firstgate, but my login is not working anymore. Please help!

ANSWER: Firstgate accounts automatically expire after 30 days. Please go here and use your Firstgate login to create a new account. And remember: This account will also expire after 30 days! You can create new accounts as long as your Firstgate membership is active.

PROBLEM: I have entered the correct Username/Password but can't enter the members section. What is wrong?

ANSWER: Try it again and be sure that cookies are enabled in your browser. Maybe you made a spelling error. Are you sure that your membership is still running? Maybe the rebill failed.

PROBLEM: Why is my username/password not working for the Upload forum?

ANSWER: The username/password combination you use to enter the members area of Erotic4u has nothing to do with the board. Go here to register for access to the message board.

PROBLEM: Why are 90% of the links on the board dead?

ANSWER: Please go here to read more about it.

PROBLEM: I can't download a single clip! I click on the link with the right button and try to save the clip but I only get an error!

ANSWER: You are trying to download the download page! Please click on the movie link with the LEFT button and a download window will open. THEN use the right button and the "Save as" function of your browser to download the clip.

PROBLEM: I'm unable to watch any movies. Why?

ANSWER: DON'T OPEN A CLIP ONLINE WITH YOUR PLAYER! Save the file to your hard drive! If you're not sure how to save a clip, right-click on the link and choose

"save target as"

in Microsoft Internet Explorer or

"save link as"

in Firefox/Mozilla.

PROBLEM: I'm using the download manager "GetRight", but I'm unable to download any movies. It only downloads a html file. It happens with all the files. Why?

ANSWER: Have you configured the login? You can find this option here: GetRight Configuration -> Login -> FTP & Basic. Enter your username/password combination for '' and ''.

PROBLEM: I installed "GetRight", but nothing happens when I'm downloading a clip. It still looks the same! What is wrong?

ANSWER: Take a look at the list of monitored files types. You can find this option here: GetRight Configuration -> General -> Monitor -> Types & Options. Add the following file types, if they are not already listed: '.mpg; .avi; .wmv; .mov;'. Have you tried the 'Drop Target' function?

PROBLEM: I tried "GetRight" to download the clips, but it is not working. Maybe because I'm using Firefox and not Internet Explorer?

ANSWER: Yes, users of Opera/Netscape6&7/Mozilla/Firefox have to install a plugin. You can't use click monitoring without this add on. You can get it here.

PROBLEM: Why can't I play the *.avi clips?

ANSWER: You need a special software to play our AVI files. The format is DivX MPEG-4 and you can get the (free) codec here: DivX codec.

PROBLEM: Why can't I play the *.wmv clips?

ANSWER: You need Microsoft's Media Player (version 8 or later) to playback WMV files.

PROBLEM: How can I play AVI clips on my Mac?

ANSWER: You need the codec and a player (for example Media Player 6.3) to play DivX clips!

Go here for detailed instructions.

PROBLEM: I installed DivX 3.11 but some movies won't play. What is wrong?

ANSWER: Maybe you need the latest Version of DivX. Go here to get this codec.

PROBLEM: The DivX clip is not playing correctly! There are some 'blocks' appearing. What is wrong and what can I do?

ANSWER: Close your player and re-open the clip. It should run now without 'blocks' or any other failures (e.g. freezed frames). You can also try to install another Version of the codec.

PROBLEM: When I download a divx codec clip I am only getting audio - not video! How do I get the video to come in?

ANSWER: You need the correct codec! Is it called DivX MPEG-4 and you can get it here: DivX codec

PROBLEM: I have the correct player and the correct codec, but the DivX clip won't play. What is wrong?

ANSWER: DivX needs much performance. Maybe your computer is not fast enough to play such files. Try to reduce the quality: Preferences -> DivX MPEG-4 codec -> Preferences -> Performance/Quality.

Minimum System Requirements for DivX 5.x

If you don't have a computer that meets these specifications, the quality of your DivX experience will suffer. Don't cry to us when it happens. These minimum requirements are measured for full-screen (640x480) video playback with playback quality and post-processing settings at their lowest levels. Full playback quality and post-processing requires at least 15% more CPU power.

  • Windows 98SE or higher
  • Pentium II 450 processor or equivalent
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 8 MB video card
  • Minimum 24-bit color when using Windows Media Player
  • DirectX 7 or higher is suggested for best video performance
  • Mac OS 9.2.2 or later (includes OS X)
  • 400Mhz G3 or faster
  • Video acceleration card with QuickTime support (ATI, NVIDIA)
  • QuickTime 6 or later
  • CarbonLib 1.2.6 or later
  • Pentium II 450 processor or equivalent
  • 64 MB or more of RAM
  • 8 MB or higher video card

    PROBLEM: I want to convert some clips. Can I get some hints? What do I have to do?

    ANSWER: Go to our Conversion Guide to get help.

    PROBLEM: Why can't I play the *.mov clips?

    ANSWER: You need a special player for this Quicktime format. You can get the (free) software here: Quicktime.

    Software: Players, Codecs & more !

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